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A remote projection omniforce.

Hi everybody, once more, thanks to the recent Prometheus movie, as well as the legacy of the notorious USCMC,I got an idea. Also, the rank axillary insignia idea I got from the Republican Forces of the Spanish civil war.
The idea that is due to guarding the colonization arm of the galaxy there should be a fast, autonomic response military force which would a power and authority to solve multiple military tasks without too much relaying on the Earth C&C and chain of command, since the great distance to the homeworld. The biggest similarity with the Extraterrestrial Legion, the new force would have own aerospace assets, however, unlike the Legion which "loans the ships from the Earthforce" , new Omniforce is really one unit, where the warship command integrated with any other other branches. Therefore, the own chain of command goes into two categories, planetary and vessel. As the result all privates and other NCO's usually assigned to the ground operations,meanwhile, the Omniforce has 10 ranks of Warrant Officers which are much more skilled than NCO's and as matter of rule, they assigned as "crew" for warships. Warrant Officer status is unique in the Omniforce. Warrant officers are responsible to upkeep the warships and other mechanical staff or to maintain certain techno-skills. As such, the first 5 WO ranks would work as normal corresponding to the modern marines or so, while majority of W.O would be assigned nine to a warship operations. Officers officially would have traditional ranks and straight chain of command, however, again due to remoteness of the Earth command and chance of the correct the authorized and rapid decision and deployment. Then because of this, the field (brevet) promotions are common site, but not rank. For instance the Omniforce Colonel is a eagle, the Omniforce, Colonel with the Brigadier general responsibilities: eagle and a try-star.

My question, does this all make sense, there I need an advice and input.