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I just found out that Sao Tome e Principe is not included in AFRICA. Why? smilies-07
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Martin Mennega
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This is a picture of the chief of defence of Săo Tome and Principe Lieutenant Colonel Pachire:


Accordingly we can make up the rank insignia for major as well

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Sao Tome Rank Insignia

Hi Martin,
Rank insignia as follows,

Soldado - no insignia
Primeiro Soldado -1red chevron point up
Segundo Cabo - 2 red chevrons point up
Preimiro Cabo - 2red chevrons with bar underneath joining chevrons

Terceiro Sargento -2 go;d chevrons point up
Segundo Sergento- 3 gold chevrons point up

Pimeiro Sergento - 4gold chevrons point up

Segundo Teniente - 1gold horizontal bar on black slip ons
Primeiro Teniente - 2gold bars
Capitao - 3 gold bars

Major -2 gold bars over 1 gold star over 2 gold bars on black slip on
Teniente coronel - 2 gold bars over 2 gold stars over 2 gold bars
Coronel - 2 gold bars over 3 gold stars in triangle over 2 gold bars

Hope this is of help to you.

Rank chart sent to Skeetor on 24th/ 04/08

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