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I'd like any ideas for a Galactic rank system

I would like help on some galactic rank ideas for a galactic army, navy and imperial gaurd.
The ranks shouldn't be too galactic, but not too earth style either.
The ranks should all have a crown on seeing the Emperor is absolute.
The Imperial Gaurd is the oldest so there imperial gaurd ranks should be different to the Army and Navy.
Well if any ideas spring to mind, let me know
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Do you want exquisite or simple insignia?

In any case, you have to have a clear system: rank grades signified by various insignia. Don't try the american system, as it's too complex insignia-wise. The finnish system uses a clear system of insignia: small rosettes and large rosettes for offs and senior offs respectively, lions for generals, chevrons for NCOs and larger chevrons for warrant officers.

Stars would be obious insignia for your military. Stars, swords, sunrays, anything from astronomy that can be used as heraldic devices.

But if you want to go totally neutral, the [url=]RKKA[/url] in the 20's and 30's seemed to have the right idea: each rank grade group (NCOs, offs, snr offs, etc.) used a unique geometric shape and such pins were added according to rank. A very simple and easy to follow system.

You could have your imperial guard use "older-style" lozenge stars (german/british) and a more elaborate crown pin. And the other insignia could be the same system, but much more simply presented.

Where on the uniform do you plan on putting the insignia? Collar? Shoulderstrap? Sleeve? Or perhaps on the breast of the uniform?

Whatever you do, keep it simple, easy to follow, yet heraldically related to your empire.
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Don't worry, i asked good old medic to help out seeing as he is the best.

Where i'd have them on the uniform, well for the Navy seeing as though is far modern than both the Gaurd and the Army, they place ranks on the brest of their uniforms.
The army would have them on the shoulder, if they had them on the sleeve, the enemy would be able to indicate who is an officer as they did in ww1 before they changed it to shoulders in 1917.
As for the Gaurd, well they'd have it on the shoulders as well but also have a collaridentity too.

Im going to keep it simple, most likly a British style way more than anything.
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You could try something along the lines of this, top set for ground/combat with fleet ranks having a simple system of stars allowing for numerous grades with background bar to denote speciality, purple engineering, yellow bridge and so on.
After a few hundred years of insignia’s there is very little that hasn’t been done in some shape or form.
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Re: I'd like any ideas for a Galactic rank system

Well, I've tried to elaborate something like you asked for.
Some comments concerning proposed ranks insignia.
1. I think in age of interstellar flights any kind of shoulder straps should be obsolete, as soon as they are not very functional and sometimes even hamper to use weapon and some special gears. So, I’ve decided the insignia patch which could be placed either on the chest or on the upper sleeve would be more functional and suitable.

2. Taking into consideration the increased number of high-tech gears and facilities, which are to be operated by the high-skilled personnel, the role of other ranks (enlisted and NCO) becomes more important. So, they have to be motivated properly, and the number of their ranks should be increased slightly.

3. All military branches have same insignia, and the only difference is the color of their fringe. Such an approach allows to simplify the military ranks identification, and to decrease the cost of ranks insignia patches.
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Re: I'd like any ideas for a Galactic rank system

I like those -- simple, distinctive and unique. smilies-01
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Re: I'd like any ideas for a Galactic rank system

Interesting & creative.

I think 14 non-commissioned ranks may be more than such a force would need - British-style forces manage with half that.

In general for the non-commissioned ranks I might look at RAF-type rank titles, e.g., Spacecraftman, Master Spacecrew.

And for general officers, perhaps something like Vice-Marshal, Marshal, Chief Marshal.