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The creators were wrong. RN use the cutlass as well along with the RAN and RNZN. I suggest you view this topic: [url][/url]

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Re: Difference Swords on Flag Rank Navy Insignia

In Canada, flag officers have worn the army style mameluke sword on their shoulder rank since Unification in 1968. Interestingly, there is also a difference in which way the sword points. In the army style, which Canada uses, the swords point forwards, while in the RN, RAN, RNZN, etc the swords point aft. I will try to find some pictures. Also, since the reintroduction of the executive curl in the RCN on 11 June, 2010, flag officers have ceased to wear rank shoulder straps on their service dress jackets and returned to traditional ranks styles as used in the RN and other Commonwealth realms.

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