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Need some input!

Ok, I was thinking to create the Bougainville Mercantile Republic. The BMR Defense Forces are traditional Space Force and Planetary Forces. However due to be profit and skill drive, the defense forces do not have the NCO ranks, instead the warrant officers. The the planetary forces ranks: Volunteer/Recruit; Private, First Ranker; Warrant Officer (5); Warrant Officer (4); Warrant Officer (3); Warrant Officer (2); and Warrant Officer (1); The for the officers: Apprentice; Subaltern; Lieutenant; Captain; Captain-Commandant; Commandant; Lieutenant-Brigadier; Brigadier (3); Brigadier (2);Brigadier (1); and Brigadier-Commandant. Being written this, my question is the substitution of the NCO by W.O. possible? For instance, that was in reality in the old Soviet Union. Since the sergeant corps was from the same conscripts, that meant really nothing, just one thing, the tour of "spotless" duty is about to be over, so they got all at least Junior Sergeant automatically. And if somebody wonders about the boot, and a Drill Sergeant, there was a Warrant Officer -- Praporschik (literally means ensign) who was in charge of drilling and first combat skills, then the troops were send to the permanent location, where yet another Praporschik was in charge (officially, there was and is something called the Dedovschina, where the about to serve and discharge ruled the newbies) of the skills -- ei. technician, radio operator, cook and so on.

Thank for the input, Zibster!