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Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Rank Regulation

The rank regulations of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces under Law on the General Statute of Military Personnel of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces as ratified by the National Assembly at the eighth session of the first legislature on September 15, 1997 [CS/RKM/1197/005]. The ranks of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces are as follows:

- ឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ជុតលេឧ
- នាយឧត្តមសេនីយ៍
- ឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ឯក
- ឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ទោ
- ឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ត្រី

- វរសេនីយ៍ឯក
- វរសេនីយ៍ទោ
- វរសេនីយ៍ត្រី

- អនុសេនីយ៍ឯក
- អនុសេនីយ៍ទោ
- អនុសេនីយ៍ត្រី
- នាយចំណង់

- ព្រឹន្ទបាលឯក
- ព្រឹន្ទបាលទោ
- ពលបាលឯក
- ពលបាលទោ
- ពលបាលត្រី

- នាយឯក
- នាយទោ
- ពលឯក
- ពលទោ

Unofficial translation is as follows:

Army and Air Force
General Officers
- General of the Army/Air Force
- General
- Lieutenant General
- Major General
- Brigadier General

Senior Officers
- Colonel
- Lieutenant Colonel
- Major

Junior Officers
- Captain
- First Lieutenant
- Second Lieutenant
- Officer Cadet

Non-Commissioned Officers
- Chief Warrant Officer
- Warrant Officer
- Command Sergeant Major/Chief Master Sergeant
- First Sergeant/Technical Sergeant
- Staff Sergeant

- Chief Corporal
- Corporal
- Soldier (First Class)
- Soldier (Second Class)

As far as I know, currently only Prime Minister Hun Sen wears the 5 star rank of General of the Army.
I’ve not included naval ranks yet, it’s a bit tedious to type Khmer, I’ll try to include that as soon as possible smilies-15

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