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Alternative badges - Page

Hello members....

By our dear friend fleetadmiral came to me with an idea.fleetadmiral found error on the side of the German Navy.I have assumed the thing and studied my documents on this subject.I noticed this alternative carrying modes and temporal "overlaps" on.

The badge of the sailors "Gefreiter-Stabsgefreiter" were worn in a form 1933-1935.1935 were this changed.From 1935, both versions were worn! Why? All the sailors were recruited after 31.03.1934 got the new.The others kept their.So two carrying methods at the same time.Then do the same with the ensigns.Regular narrow silver cords were carried on the shoulders.
Two or without stars.But there was also an unofficial version with blue or white backing.

I also recall the graphics of our dear friend Dmitry came to mind.It shows the insignia of the Russian Civil War.In this period there were many alternatives, improvised and Curiosities.


Shock Division of Kornilov - Dmitry shows the regular badge.
But there were still some with skull, with artillery insignia, pioneers, etc. ...

Czechoslovak Legion Also here a lot more is known,branch insignia,branch colors and alternative.

Baltic country weir,etc.etc.

So I had the idea, "alternative sites" as a supplement to the respective countries.

fleetadmiral and Dmitry are listed here as an example.They were the reasons for my idea.There are surely many other examples that justify "alternative site".

I ask you now, "what do you think of this idea?"

Best regards , Mario

P.S.: to Dmitry,would not that be a fine thing to supplement your drawings with these alternatives? smilies-33
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Re: Alternative badges - Page

Well, this site is the creation of the admins and really talented artists, and as they're the ones who take the time to draw these insignias and post them on here, I'll go with whatever they decide to do. My role on here is to view the pages and tell the artists how pretty the new insignias are. smilies-15
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Re: Alternative badges - Page

Great idea, Mario!

Each time when I make some insignia illustrations, I have to limit myself with basic version of them, taking into consideration that Encyclopedia is a limitless, of course, but imho it has to show general and official views of insignia - otherwise, we can say good bye to the systematic approach, and it will be a real mess. But we all know there is plenty of versions and alternatives of these basic official insignia, particularly when we speak about past centuries when requirements to both insignias and uniforms were less strict than now.

The only question - how to realize this idea technically. Lets discuss, mates))

Regards, Dmitry
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Re: Alternative badges - Page

hello Dmitry.

I think it would be technically feasible.The pages and topics are even present.It would be only a maximum of two supplements.

To stay with the example of the Kornilov Shock Division:

We now have your drawings on this topic with the commanded badge.Now this page is created with insignia worn at the same time.This site can also accommodate multiple topics.

Shock Division of Kornilov

4,5,6 ... Pictures with a brief description.
"Generals also wore silver shoulder boards of the old Tsarist army"
"on those gold stars and silver skull were worn"
"The Division also had artillery and pioneers"
"Shoulder boards with artillery badge respectively pioneer badge"

Then the same could be the next topic follow with drawings.

Czechoslovak Legion

again drawings with brief historical background.

So constructed much like the Russian side with uniforms.

I think it's historically accurate and very interesting.

Best regards, Mario

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