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Kingdom of Yugoslavia new missing table of ranks

Here is some fixes for army of Serbia and Yugoslavia, of the ranks how should look like and position with correct names.

Ranks of generals where:
1. Brigadier General (Brigadni Djeneral - 1 star)
2. Division General (Divizioni Djeneral - 2 star)
3. Army General (Armijski Djeneral - 3 star)
4. Field Marshal (Vojvoda - honorary special rank)

This is for new table of ranks for Kingdom of Yugoslavia only:
5. Generalissimo (Vrhvoni Komandant - rank held by king only with special coat of arms and royal monogram in rank epaulette) These rank where similar to the rank of Montenegro's King Nikola I, since he was grandfather of King Alexander I.

Montenegro ranks with name comparation.

These ranks where also in Serbia except of King rank - Generalissimo witch was added in 1918 following of creation of Kingdom Yugoslavia. Highest rank in Kingdom of Serbia was Vojvoda - Field Marshal.

Fix on rank table

And ranks form this new table that's missing for Kingdom of Yugoslavia should look like this:

Army ranks


Air Force ranks




Here are names of ranks in Navy


And in color


Translation of Admiral's ranks in English from left to right:
1. Admiral = Адмирал
2. Vice admiral = Вице адмирал
3. Rear admiral = Контра адмирал


Translation of officer ranks in English form left to right:


1. Captain = Капетан Бојног Брода
2. Commander = Капетан Фрегате
3. Lieutenant commander = Капетан Корвете
4. First Lieutenant 1st class = Поручник Бојног Брода 1 класе
5. First Lieutenant 2nd class = Поручник Бојног Брода 2 класе
6. Lieutenant = Поручник Фрегате
7. Lieutenant Junior Grade = Поручник Корвете


1. Staff Sergeant 1st class = Наредник водник 1 класе
2. Staff Sergeant 2nd class = Наредник водник 2 класе
3. Staff Sergeant 3nd class = Наредник водник 3 класе


1. Sergeant = Наредник
2. Junior Sergeant = Поднаредник
3. Corpral = Каплар
4. Private = Редов (Epaulette with no insignia)
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Re: Kingdom of Yugoslavia new missing table of ranks


Here are original epaulets of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

First row from left to right: Staff Sergeant 3nd class (Artillery), Sub lieutenant (King's Guard), Lieutenant (Air Force), Captain 2nd class and Cavalry Captain 2nd class (Royal Queen cavalry).

Second row form left to right: Major, Commander (Navy), Colonel (Doctor), Brigadier General (Artillery), Division or Army General and Vojvoda (Field Marshal) of Yugoslavia (Epaulets of Royal Duke Petar Bojović World War I veteran).

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