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Event Horizon

Below are the rank insignia of the U.S. Aerospace Command from the 1997 movie Event Horizon. For some reason, they seem to be inspired by the US coast guard sleeve stripes though worn like US officers shoulder boards (front to back).

Only 4 insignias are actualy shown in the movie with their rank indicated by either dialogue or props (characters wear t-shirts with their vitals spelled on them). A fifth character has the rank of ensign but is never shown wearing his jumpsuit so his insignia is never shown though based on the other ones being based on naval tradition, it would probably be a single bar.

One oddity is the fact that the petty officers wear blue shoulders stripes which as far as I could find weren't based on any real life insignias.

Marc Pasquin
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Re: Event Horizon

I caught the USCG inspiration, but missed the PO rank. I'd assumed that the blue/white/silver (depending on my TV screen, the colors change) was a medical/staff thing.

Here is a link to some of the deleted scenes. 25 seconds in you'll see what I'm calling a rear admiral, based on his insignia, and a woman with a gold/silver US fire department rank device on her collar, visible at 1:13. It appears to be three bugles/horns. At 1:28 the RA has a closeup. The insignia appears to be three of the normal bars touching, with a fourth spaced above, the USCG shield, and another set of four bars, worn side-to-side, and not back-to-back. Reminds me of the JMSDF admiral ranks and the Japanese Coast Guard chest ranks. He also wears two silver stars on his collar.