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Insignias Wiki

As I mentioned in another post, I've decided to start posting my images on the Insignias Wiki since Image Shack is now a paid service. The wiki had been set up years ago when the encyclopedia went down for a number of months while Pavel had to deal with some issues. Since the encyclopedia eventually went back on, I (and the other contributors) simply started sending infos through the forum once more.

It occurred to me though that the wiki could serve an auxiliary purpose to the encyclopedia, being a sort of "staging ground" where partial infos would be stored until a completed form could be posted to Pavel's site. For example there are often cases where only a small number of images of members have been found for a given organisation and no chart but only a list of ranks. With the wiki, anyone could put this partial information on and wait for other contributors to bring bits and pieces until the whole picture can be seen to allow a finished chart to be made.

On the subject of finished chart, a second use for the wiki would be to store images (or even text) found online in case the sites they come from goes down (something I've noticed is fairly common in Forum treads that are older then 5 years). Obviously as this is a wiki the images would need to be in the public domain, fair use or the creation of the poster but at least it might preserve some of it.

Anyone interested can look at the wiki here:
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Re: Insignias Wiki

Awesome job, I like it. The wiki could also serve as a sort of 'backup'.

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